The Fashion Myth: Women's Dress Shoes and Footwear Trend

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Would you agree that shoes are to the feet what clothes are to the body? Well, we do. Choosing the right footwear is an extremely important decision when buying shoes whether for work, play or social functions. Style and fashion trend have usually been a great factor in making the choice of what to buy, as they clearly reflect our creativity and most often, our personality. For instance, an army's wife might choose to make a fashion statement with a bold army theme designer clothing and women's dress shoes. And a nurse might let the world know what she does by wearing a nurse's T-shirt and a heel shoe.

Ideally, it's always a good idea to dress appropriately to match the occasion. Back in the days, the 3 main formal shoe colours were blue, black and grey. Nowadays, women's dress shoes are made in more daring and vibrant colors.One of the best ways to catch on the latest fashion trend is through social media. There are many hubs on the internet like articles, blogs, websites, just to mention a few, dedicated to helping us stay updated and current with the fashion world.

It used to be true that the "dressing makes a man". Not any more. This is now true for women and children. Thanks to the internet and social media, everyone, women can now be trendy with a wide variety of savvy, women's comfort shoes online..

Woman's Designer Footwear

Just about every woman has her own uniqueness and preference when it comes footwear, including dress shoes. Most ladies wouldn't mind spending between $50 to $150 for a great dress shoe or even a designer pumps heels, regardless of whether they get it from a discount women's shoe shop or an online store. This is especially when the shoe design inspiration comes from the cosmopolitan fashion cities like London,Paris, Italy and New York.

  Quick Tips to Picking the Perfect Women's Dress Shoes?

Finding the right trendy, yet comfortable women's dress shoes involves a lot perseverance.

· Choose the correct hosiery size and socks prior to trying any shoe. The thickness of socks or hosiery will have an impact on how well the shoe fits.
· Try the shoe on one foot first, moving your foot around to ensure you have enough room to walk comfortably without any discomfort or tightness to the toes. Now try the shoes on both feet and do the same process.

Regardless of the cost, a great made custom designer footwear is a great asset to the closet of the savvy woman.

Custom made womens dress shoes that match the outfit or even a personality is a game changer in the fashion trend. 

Ask yourself, how cool is it for people to recognize who you are without saying a word? 

Be Bold. Be Beautiful with Your Fashion Statement.

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